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Darwin Driving School – Servicing All Areas

Welcome to the Darwin Driving School, a specialist team of experienced male and female driving instructors. Our instructors at Darwin Driving School will personalize your leaner driver lessons to your specific needs, requirements, skills, time frame, confidence and driving experience.

At Darwin Driving School, we provide professional learner driving lessons in conjunction with excellent customer service, friendliness, & patience. From the very first time you call Darwin Driving School, to beyond the moment you receive your NT Drivers license, you will experience personalized customer service excellence that sets the benchmark in the driving school industry in Australia.
Further to the excellent customer service and expertise that we provide, it is certainly reassuring to know that your call is answered by a professional driving instructor and not simply a call center operator who is simply interested in taking a number and passing on a message.

Thelearner driver lesson instructors at Darwin Driving School provide learner driver lessons to Darwin and surrounding suburbs, including Palmerston and Casuarina. Our learner driving lessons are comprehensive, customized and easy going. Want to know what to expect at your first learner driver lesson with Darwin Driving School? Here is a brief outline on how a usual first driving lesson goes. If you are interested in booking a learner driving lesson with Darwin Driving School, please contact us. Our driving school rates are affordable and competitive – check out our driver lesson rates.

Want to learn to drive in Darwin? You will need a to obtain a NT learner driver permit or license before your first lesson. Darwin Driving School provides information on getting your NT learner license here.

Why choose Darwin Driving School for your leaner driver lessons?

  • Darwin Driving School Instructors are friendly & patient. We understand it is important to be comfortable with your driving instructor in order to get the most out of your lessons. Our instructors are professional and courteous and strive to provide excellent customer service from your first lesson to the moment you get your license!
  • Darwin Driving School provides private 1 on 1 driving lessons in our own driving school cars. We pick you up at your chosen location and drop you off at the end of your lesson at a location chosen by you.
  • At present we have:
  • AUTOMATIC  vehicles –  Honda Jazz and a Honda Civic
  • MANUAL vehicle – Toyota Corolla
  • Our driving instructors are keys2drive registered.

Keys2Drive Leaner Driver Lessons

Darwin Driving School is a Keys2Drive registered learner driver school. Keys 2 Drive is a government funded learner driver program. All Darwin Driving School instructors are accredited Keys2Drive driver instructors. To find out more about the Keys2Drive program, please visit the Keys2Drive website.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ we compiled from numerous learner drivers and parents of learner drivers who have come through our driving school in Darwin. Or give us a call, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.